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ESSE-CI the revolution of the LED
Since 1984 ESSE-CI Living Light designs and produces lighting solutions Made in Italy.
It has been characterized over the years for its attention to detail and to the search for a rich in style design, also availing itself of professional designers recognized internationally, becoming increasingly a reference in the architectural market.
ESSE-CI thanks to its international competitiveness is now present with its products on all 5 continents.
In addition to collecting the heritage of a land rich in style, ESSE-CI with its headquarters in the Veneto region heart of Italian production excellence of over 4000 square meters and a team of 27 highly skilled professionals, has been structured to excel with technologies always at the forefront.
ESSE-CI invested in the complete computerization of the production process, achieving great flexibility. This choice allows the customization of the product at every stage of the process. ESSE-CI can thus make changes in real time and shape the solution chosen in harmony with the specific needs of the customer.
Thanks to an effective training program of staff and the constant comparison between customers, designers and operational departments of the company, ESSE-CI developed an innovative design method, a creative laboratory motivated and full of ideas. This approach was born the new Research and Development department, a division specialized in the conception and realization of avant-garde solutions.
ESSE-CI today represents a market reference for lighting solutions based on LED technology, distinguishing itself for innovation and quality.

ESSE-CIGlobal distribution

A history of growth and development that makes esse-ci an world wide competitive company: it distributes in all five continents, satisfying all the needs of the world of indoor lighting.

1.Dots. Marks. Geometries.
It's the language of
ESSE-CI simplicity.

A design "rarefied", of purity and extreme synthesis.
Conceived to return the impalpable substance of light, it welcomes the eye with its reassuring linearity. A technology of comfort, the pursuit of efficiency more accessible and easy to use, more understandable and intuitive. To enlighten, emphasize, excite.
A key, a gesture, a touch. Esse-Ci.
It is the beauty and strength of the essential that becomes visible to the eyes.


Modern lighting can only be contemporary in style. It must also be used in its use.
Simplicity inspires every choice of esse-ci technology.
Simplicity is the soul of every configuration and system.
Automatic mechanisms, intuitive controls, easy-to-use and regular interfaces. Quick and easy fastening systems. Because today artificial light is an integral element of comfort not only when it expresses the best of its visual pleasure.
But also when it allows the more autonomous management of its control.


Ethereal as light. Esse-Ci design translates us into shapes and lines what the light is and suggests.
Decisive, clean, rigorous: As the light marks, delimits, emphasizes. Light, delicate, vanishing: As the light is designed to participate naturally in the atmosphere of any environment.
Discreet and never intrusive. Without Orpell, without artifices, without excesses. It has a power similar to silence: It tells the space without shouting.


Beauty. Performance. Efficiency. Comfort.
The philosophy of innovation pervades every aspect of esse-ci product. Avant-garde choices in light sources, components, mechanisms, materials.
It is the legacy of a company history that has never renounced the challenges of the sector by measuring itself with the rapid evolution of its technologies.
It is the result of a trained sensibility towards the market, of a careful analysis of the changes that invest tastes, needs, lifestyles.
It is the symptom of a spirit and a character: the tenacity and ambition to offer ever superior solutions.

Many things we want,
we can have.

Harmonize aesthetics with functionality.
and conjugate them with the demands of those who have been recognized in this synthesis.
Esse-Ci also means this: accessibility.
Search for the best quality/price ratio but also the best customer/product relationship.
A product range of modular design, to interpret with maximum flexibility the most varied design needs. A commercial and technical office that is responsible for guiding the customer to the choice of the product, to evaluate, suggest and "Customize" the lighting system that best satisfies its needs and those of its environment.
A path in very personal light. Designed to range in possibilities and get closer to desires.